50mm Challenge Revisited…

I went back to the scene of yesterday’s photo excursion to quickly test out my theory about what was happening with one of my images, again just bringing the full format camera with the 55-105mm lens attached…    and look who greeted me!  There were actually 6 deer,  3 sets of moms and babes of various ages!


There I was, with only 105mm tops and all of these beautiful creatures in front of me.  I almost decided to forget pictures and just enjoy them.  Had I disturbed their eating I most certainly would have moved on, but they were quite acceptable to having me slowly worm myself out of the car and photograph them, albeit from a distance.  50mm went out the window and 105mm was not near enough, so these images are also cropped in post-processing.  I will repeat my days of photographing simply and lightly as I did yesterday, but I will NEVER leave the rest of my equipment completely at home again!

The afternoon was sunny and warm and I was thrilled to spend this unexpected time with these wonderful animals.

deer21            deer22

This little guy was particularly curious about me and the sound of the shutter releasing.  I watched as he left mom and  inched his way toward and in front of me, heading for the rest of the group at the opposite end.  He rarely took his eyes off of me.

deer5             deer6

When he was directly in front of me I started talking to him and he stopped short to listen.  Adorable.  With the camera lowered I felt like he might have approached to eat out of my hand had I something to offer.  Of course, he could of  just as easily had a good stomping in mind for me instead.  I treasure these moments with animals so much and sometimes forget they are wild.  I eventually moved further along but continued to watch them for awhile.

I did get back to my initial photo objective and then lingered a bit longer to grab a few more 50mm shots of these spent wild flowers, now in front of a very different sky than yesterday.   A grand day and a lovely way for me to end Fall…



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