Canadian National Railway Station Restoration…

Restoration of  our  old CNR Station has returned the building to its former self and then some! (Now VIA Rail)  They’ve done a tremendous job  of maintaining the integrity of the original building’s detail in combination with some modern touches.  Work has now  shifted to the inside of the building and from what I understand there is to be a restaurant and a gift shop.  Who remembers late night food and coffee  at the Beanery with the Pontings, right here !

Thank you Sioux Lookout for not letting this historically important building go the route of the General Hospital.  Sioux Lookout’s oldest roots are in the Canadian National Railway and that should never be forgotten…

CN3                   CN4

CN1-4      CN2

CN5                   CN6
Taken last winter, December 2011.  The building is                                Taken in 2006, the building is in terrible shape,
stripped down to its origins; I had forgotten that                                   basically abandoned and neglected; not an
the doorway was orignally a great open “tunnel”                                unbroken window anywhere.
to walk through to the front of the building.


Postcard of the CN Station, I’m guessing 1930 – 1950’s.
Image courtesy of Barry Perlin, Ottawa.  Thanks Barry!


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