Walleye Fishing Adventure

One of the more fun things we did this summer, was a Guided Fishing Trip up Lac Seul, a lake in our vicinity that goes for miles.

Moosehorn Lodge donated this excursion to the Sacred Heart School as a fund raiser;  I bought two tickets from my granddaughter and I won!  We waited for our oldest granddaughter from Barrie to visit in August before cashing in on the prize.  In good conscience, I should mention that it was also my youngest granddaughter who  pulled the winning ticket; what are the odds of that happening!

I left the more cumbersome DSLR camera at home and brought along the Canon G12 point-and-shoot instead to record the moments of this day… and what a fantastic day we had!

We met our guide, Ben, at Moosehorn Camps early in the morning to begin our day.  The one-hour boat ride to where the Walleye hung out, was refreshing to say the least, especially at 7:00 a.m.    Everyone quickly shared every item of  clothing we brought along and the kids took shelter on the floor of the boat trying to escape the frigid wind.  OMG we froze !

bbWell, Ben certainly  knew where the fish were… you barely had time to get your line in before one was on the end of your hook. He was kept busy for the morning putting on minnows, taking the fish off our lines, helping out wherever he could and best of all making us laugh!  Lots of fun and he was so great with the kids.  Fishing is not exactly my favourite thing to do but I must say that I enjoyed myself!

We easily met our fish limits, even after releasing lots back to the water because they came in too large or too small to keep according to Ontario regulations.


I’m thinking now about  how funny it is that we all suddenly become so proud of the fish we catch, poor little fish who don’t really stand a chance against us humans.   All the ladies learned how to hold their Walleye properly, by their gills… except for me.  I figure that at my age this is something I don’t really need to know.

Thanks to Ben we were all successful fishermen and women, and the stats went like this…
I caught the first fish,
Jessica caught the biggest Walleye,
Justin brought in the most fish,
Kelsie snagged the most unusual fish (follow their fingers; it appeared the poor little thing had been injured in the past or perhaps born deformed; we released him of course).

Jodie & Wayne… well, they graciously contributed their limit to lunch!


Shore lunch is something I have never before experienced in all my years of living here.  It was fabulous…. delicious food in an atmosphere like no other!  We didn’t do a thing and enjoyed fresh Walleye cooked to perfection,  potatoes and good ‘ol beans, topped off with some yummy cookies.  Ben actually kept and cooked up one Pike for us to try and I was surprised at how good that was.  We went home with the left-over cooked fish and three meals of Walleye fillets for the freezer.


An extraordinary fun day with the people I love, thanks Ben!

p.s. Ben even captured the last and the best photo of all of us… with his hilarious,  “say, WALLEYE ” prompt !

The ride home was beautiful, warm and peaceful, a time best enjoyed without pictures…

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